Identity, Memory,
at Castro Marim

The PARTICULAR UNIVERSAL project is centered on the Castro Marim Municipality, where between December 2021 and September 2023 a series of artistic co-creation activities related to themes of identity, memory and soundscapes will take place. 

The project includes several different work modules revolving around complementary concepts and strategies, such as (among others), the creation of a sound archive, a community archive for the “Voices of Memory”, and several themed artistic residencies directed towards Portuguese, Norwegian and international creators with a look towards creating and presenting theatrical works, new music and sound-art.


Gala Drop @ Revelim de Sto. António, June 17th

June 9, 2022

After an artistic residency in February, Gala Drop return to Castro Marim for a special concert showcasing the new work developed, taking place on June 17th at 6pm, with DJ sets following until 11pm. Previously described as “practicioners of a kind of ‘rainforest futurism’” by portuguese and european critics alike, and having started out a decade and a half ago, the band’s current iteration of Nelson Gomes (synths), Afonso Simões (drums) and Rui Dâmaso (bass) will play at the Revelim de Sto. António on a late afternoon concert, amplified via the impressive Mystic Fyah Sound System (one of Portugal’s most revered reggae culture sound systems) which, after the show, will resonate until late at night with musical selections by the band’s members and some close friends.

Roda de Memórias

May 23, 2022

"A moment where life stories and memories, recent or old, are shared, open to people of all ages. Come share your story so it can live on in our memories."

"Roda de Memórias" is a space where the memories and stories of the population in Castro Marim are shared, mediated by the Teatro do Vestido team, a theatre group with a special fondness for people's memories and life stories, as well as places, landscapes and utopias.
This initiative is part of a project which will create a community archive where testimonies, objects and pictures of the Castro Marim Municipality may be preserved for the community's future memory, joining forces with other preservation projects which local associations have diligently created.
We call this project "Vozes da Memória" ("Voices of Memory").
On the 28th of May, between 16h and 18h, at Azinhal's Multiuse Center, we will welcome people of all ages from Castro Marim and invite them to share their stories and memories, so they may be preserved forever.
"Vozes da Memória" is coordinated by the Teatro do Vestido team, partners in Particular Universal.
This first "Roda de Memórias" is part of the Terra de Maio fair.

Vaiapraia in residence at the Quinta da Fornalha

May 5, 2022

Rodrigo Vaiapraia is the next artist-in-residence in Castro Marim, as part of the Particular Universal project. 

A self-taught, transdisciplinary artist, he has been fronting, since 2014, Vaiapraia, one of the great independent rock bands in Portugal, direct and self-confessed heirs to scenes such as punk, riot-grrrl or queercore, and who’ve been heralded almost unanimously by the portuguese music press; their latest, 2020 album “100% Carisma” is already a milestone in the country’s rock scene of all eras.

Between May 6 and 13, Rodrigo, together with fellow musicians Ana Farinha, Daniel Fonseca and Beatriz Diniz, will be working on several sketches and drafts amassed during the past couple of years, trying to “collectively find the attention, growth and reshaping that each melody asks for”.

On the 14th, at 7pm, at the open air auditorium in the Revelim de Sto. António, we will have the chance to maybe hear for the first time (next to some of the most energized, profound and affecting Portuguese songs in many years) these new directions. Admission to the concert is free. This is the second residency curated by Filho Único, project partner at Particular Universal.

This is the second residency curated by Filho Único, project partner at Particular Universal.

Next artist in residence: Knut Olaf Sunde

April 21, 2022

Norwegian composer Knut Olaf Sunde, whose work revolves around notions of place, duration and immersion, is the next artist in residence in the Castro Marim Municipality, as part of the Particular Universal project.

Between April 23rd and May 7th he will “observe, learn and try to understand the different cultural and landscape logics” of the region, through sound and video recordings, as well as in conversation with the locals, with the aim of establishing a narrative, to be presented April 29th, at 5.30pm, at the Armazém do Sal - a free admission event.

This will be the second residence curated by NyMusikk, norwegian partner for the project, which is funded by the EEA Grants mechanism, with the theme “Identity, Memory and Landscape in Castro Marim”.

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